Register a new producer


  • account TEXT - The account to register as a producer
  • producer_key TEXT - The producer's public key
  • url TEXT - URL where info about producer can be found
  • location UINT - Relative location for purpose of nearest neighbor scheduling


  • -x,--expiration TEXT - set the time in seconds before a transaction expires, defaults to 30s
  • -f,--force-unique - force the transaction to be unique. this will consume extra bandwidth and remove any protections against accidently issuing the same transaction multiple times
  • -s,--skip-sign Specify if unlocked wallet keys should be used to sign transaction
  • -d,--dont-broadcast - Don't broadcast transaction to the network (just print to stdout)
  • -r,--ref-block TEXT set the reference block num or block id used for TAPOS (Transaction as Proof-of-Stake)
  • -p,--permission TEXT - An account and permission level to authorize, as in '[email protected]' (defaults to '[email protected]')
  • --max-cpu-usage-ms UINT - set an upper limit on the milliseconds of cpu usage budget, for the execution of the transaction (defaults to 0 which means no limit)
  • --max-net-usage UINT - set an upper limit on the net usage budget, in bytes, for the transaction (defaults to 0 which means no limit)


daobet-cli system regproducer accountname1 EOS1234534... Antarctica
Last modified 2yr ago