Transfer a token

Positional Parameters

  • sender TEXT - The account sending tokens

  • recipient TEXT - The account receiving tokens

  • amount TEXT - The amount of tokens to send and the token symbol

  • memo TEXT - The memo for the transfer


  • -c, --contractTEXT - The contract which controls the token. Defaults to eosio.token.


Transfer 1 SYS from inita to tester

daobet-cli transfer alice bob "1.0000 BET" "hello world"
daobet-cli transfer alice bob -c eosio.token "1.0000 BET" "hello world"

The response will look something like this

executed transaction: ac989464a987e9061d4eabdfad0e5707a23ba769798a01f3ce010c5b3775b554 128 bytes 490 us
# eosio.token <= eosio.token::transfer {"from":"alice","to":"bob","quantity":"1.0000 BET","memo":"hello world"}