Useful commands

This section contains instructions on how to manage accounts, stake and unstake tokens, vote and more.

How to create keypair

// output to console
daobet-cli create key --to-console
// output to file
daobet-cli create key -f keys.txt

How to get account info

daobet-cli get account alice

How to transfer tokens

daobet-cli transfer alice bob "25.0000 BET" "Description"

How to check balance

daobet-cli get currency balance eosio.token <your_account_name>

How to stake

This is an example of staking 5 tokens against system resources: NET, CPU, VOTE.

daobet-cli system delegatebw <your_account_name> <your_account_name> "5 BET" "5 BET" "5 BET"

How to un-stake

daobet-cli system undelegatebw <your_account_name> <your_account_name> "5 BET" "5 BET" "5 BET"

How to get list of Validators

daobet-cli system listproducers

How to vote for Validator

daobet-cli system voteproducer prods <your_account_name> <validator_name>