How to launch node in testnet
daobet-cli create key --to-console

Use our TestNet Telegram bot to create an account (using Public key, generated in the previous step) and get some test BET tokens. Please save the account name for future reference.

Edit config file $HOME/.dao-node/config/config.ini and add following lines:

producer-name = <your_account_name>
signature-provider = <your_public_key>=KEY:<your_private_key>

Restart the node to apply changes

Create wallet (you have to save the wallet password!)

daobet-cli wallet create --to-console

Import private key into wallet

daobet-cli wallet import --private-key <your_private_key>

Register your account as a validator

daobet-cli system regproducer <your_account_name> <your_public_key> <website_url> <your_location>

Stake resources

  • X - token amount for CPU

  • Y - token amount for NET

  • Z - token amount for VOTE

daobet-cli system delegatebw <your_account_name> <your_account_name> "X BET" "Y BET" "Z BET"

Vote for yourself

If you want to vote for yourself <your-account-name> and <validator-name>will be the same

daobet-cli system voteproducer prods <your-account-name> <validator-name>